Upcoming Litters

On this page you’ll find our upcoming litters! When filling out your Prospective Puppy Parent Questionnaire, be sure to reference the litter(s) you are considering! We will update the links here when a litter opens up for reservations, and will update the count for remaining available slots.

Pine lodge "Luna on the front porch"
(AKA Luna)

Luna is a Standard Australian Labradoodle in a Parti coloring (maturing at approx. 50-60lbs) with a wavy fleece coat. She carries Caramel, Chocolate and Parti coloring and will be bred with a Standard hunk of snuggles (Sire TBD)! Her puppies will be full size standards in an array of colorings! We will be finding an incredible match for Luna toward the end of 2020 and she will be bringing her debut litter into the world in early 2021. Luna is sweet tempered, mild-mannered and absolutely loves kisses and belly rubs on her polka-dotted belly! Luna has Parti coloring in chocolate and white markings, with darker beauty marks on her legs and belly.

Please watch this page for updated information regarding Luna's litter! If you would like to be put on the waiting list for one of her standard pups, please click the Contact link above.