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Our Girls

Pine Lodge Luna on the front porch (AKA "Luna")
Estimated adult weight: 50-60lbs

Pine Lodge Luna on the Front Porch (AKA "Luna") is the star of our show this year! A Chocolate/White Parti, Luna even has a white crescent moon shape on her back (a nice additional surprise that affirmed her previously chosen name)! Luna is a Standard Australian Labradoodle, carries Chocolate, Parti and Caramel colors and has a wavy fleece coat. Her personality is one of strong confidence, but an appropriate blend of independence and direction-follower. Luna loves to wrestle with her big brother and sister ALD's and say hello to the goats and chickens each morning as they are fed! She loves children and adults alike, and (so far) is not a vocal puppy unless she's playing hard with the other dogs or attempting to communicate her intense need for a potty break! Luna will have her first litter of puppies the first few months of 2021.

Our Boys

Coming soon!

At this point in time, we do not currently have an intact male in our breeding program. It is our desire to add an amazingly handsome stud to our lineup shortly! Please check back, or join our email list for updates!